21 year old dating 14 year old my fish dating

28-Sep-2019 03:48

in fact i know a girl who's parents have 20 years between them, so their is absoloutley nothing wrong with just 6 years.

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I don't see a problem I've dated and had a large gap between us..a 12 year gap.

But the only thing is, which I don't know how the law is there, but here you have to watch out.

and even then I don't know the rules if the girl clearly consented to it (although how would you prove that? I know a 15 year old girl who is dating/in love with a guy double her age, he's 30!

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Was completely taken aback and shocked when she told me and disagreed, thought it was such a bad idea.

But they've been together for ages now and the families are on board so maybe it truly is horses for courses.