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[0, B*; B,0] is a sum of rank one matrices, and so by updating and downdating those rank one guys, you could probably get what you want, and it might even be faster than chol(Q). Note that these mostly do not take advantage of the block structure of [0, B*; B,0], so you might find something better that is more specialized.However, it can be a lot better to update more ranks at a time. "Methods for modifying matrix factorizations." Math. Block Cholesky Blocking the Cholesky decomposition is often done for an arbitrary (symmetric positive definite) matrix.Start with the candidate matrix L = 0 M = [5 1.2 0.3 -0.6; 1.2 6 -0.4 0.9; 0.3 -0.4 8 1.7; -0.6 0.9 1.7 10]; n = length( M ); L = zeros( n, n ); for i=1:n L(i, i) = sqrt( M(i, i) - L(i, :)*L(i, :)' ); for j=(i 1):n L(j, i) = ( M(j, i) - L(i, :)*L(j, :)' )/L(i, i); end end L L = 2.236067977499790 0.000000000000000 0.000000000000000 0.000000000000000 0.536656314599949 2.389979079406345 0.000000000000000 0.000000000000000 0.134164078649987 -0.197491268466351 2.818332343581848 0.000000000000000 -0.268328157299975 0.436823907370487 0.646577012719190 3.052723872310221 x = y.The error analysis for the Cholesky decomposition is similar to that for the PLU decomposition, which we will look at when we look at matrix and vector norms. The conductance matrix formed by a circuit is positive definite, as are the matrices required to solve a least-squares linear regression.Apparently this is a common request in machine learning, and M. I didn't immediately find a textbook treatment, but the description of the algorithm used in PLAPACK is simple and standard.

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Larger values can lead to a more accurate solution (but not always), and usually an increase in the total work and memory usage.

The symmetry suggests that we can store the matrix in half the memory required by a full non-symmetric matrix of the same size.

Consequentially, one may suspect that it may also be possible to write M = LL This may seem exceptionally complex, but by using dot products, we can simplify this algorithm significantly, as is covered in the howto.

Introduction Theory HOWTO Error Analysis Examples Questions Applications in Engineering Matlab Maple In this topic, we see that under certain circumstances, we may factor a matrix M in the form M = LL.

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Such a decomposition is called a Cholesky decomposition.

A more scholarly (and older) treatment is in section 3 of this article version of Ch. That allows them to reduce the problem of chol([A, B*; B, C]) to just chol(A) and chol(Q).

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