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The rank of Airman brings with it the responsibility of adjusting to the Air Force way of military life, and becoming proficient in an Air Force occupational specialty.Upon leaving basic training, all Airmen enter training at Air Force schools in their specialties ("jobs"), depending on their aptitudes and interests, and the needs of the Air Force.Airmen First Class are considered to be fully adjusted to Air Force and military life, and their duties focus on efficiently and effectively carrying out their assignments and honing their job skills.

Senior Airmen present the image of competence, integrity, and pride.

An Airman First Class' role and responsibilities increase as their experience increases and they become journeymen and leaders.

The average Air Force-wide active duty time for promotion to the rank of Airman First Class is 16 months.

An Airman First Class is expected to comply with Air Force standards and serve as a role model for subordinates.

In addition, they are expected to start mastering their job and leadership skills.Exception to the Rule: Senior Airman (E-4) Below-the-Zone — Air Force unit commanders are authorized to promote 15 percent of their exemplary Airmen First Class (E-3) to Senior Airmen (E-4) six months ahead of the normal TIS.

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