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01-May-2020 20:44

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We're progressing in wonderful ways, ways our foremothers would be so deeply proud of, ways our foremothers wouldn't have even are we the type of women who sit and wait for what we want to come to us? We're asking to be judged by the quality of our character, not by the length of our skirt or the number of guys we've slept with.You can’t blame some for not feeling any desperate need to “belong” – with reported crimes against LGTBQ people on the up and a political atmosphere that feels increasingly likely to push back on the community’s hard-won freedoms.Although coming out is a huge part of your life as an LGBTQ person and can be a liberating experience, it’s not for everyone, and some men are rejecting this what you embrace their label but have sex with guys who don’t?Think of it like this: Just a few decades ago, it wasn't "the norm" to have relationships exclusively meant for hooking up.It wasn't "the norm" for a woman to live with a guy before she married him.Does it mean their lovers are any less available to them because they won’t pick a side?Of course, nobody needs a label, but for gay and bi guys who worked hard to establish their identity, how does it feel when the man they’re sleeping with won’t do the same?

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Too many women are hesitant to ask guys on dates, to give guys an inkling of their interest in them.If you ask him out, you'll get a yes or a no, and then you'll be freed from driving yourself crazy interpreting the amount of question marks he put in his "What's up?? You'll be able to get things started in a productive way put your fantasies of your life with this guy to rest and move on to the next one. When a guy asks you out, he makes a decision to size you up, to see if you're a good fit for him.

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“The reasons older men chase younger women have less to do with sex and everything to do with a profound desire to reassure ourselves that we’ve still got “it.” “It” isn’t just physical attractiveness; “it” is the whole masculine package of youth, vitality, and, above all else, possibility.… continue reading »

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