Baby together but not dating

03-Oct-2020 08:28

Once I came to terms with how I was feeling and was able to express how I was feeling in a productive way, we could talk about it.

Tim was really understanding and, together, we figured out how make sure that I didn't feel like that.

Pre-baby, we both worked from home and set our own schedules.

It wasn’t uncommon that I would text my partner at 4 P. and let her know that I would be home late because I was going out to dinner with a friend. When the baby was only a couple weeks old, my partner texted me and said, ' I’m meeting with a client, so I’ll be home around 7 P.

Eventually, things get a little easier and you find yourself coming out of a baby fog.

But, as these women candidly share, it doesn’t always bring a couple closer.For the first few years of having kids, you really feel like you're treading water. You aren’t getting enough sleep, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do, and you are constantly overwhelmed.It can be very difficult to give your relationship any attention during this time, because it’s so much easier to push it to the side and focus on more pressing issues—like paying the mortgage or keeping the children alive.And yet, while the challenges of parenthood are immense, the women we spoke with were also positive about their relationship changes.

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Below, seven women open up about how their relationships have transformed post-baby."The biggest change after having kids was the loss of freedom and autonomy.It can be hard to get back to a place where you make the two of you a priority." — Dawn Dais, 39, mother of two in Roseville, California“I think that the biggest change to our relationship is really the biggest change in our lives period—which is that your life ceases to be about you.