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The meters I used at previous jobs (through 1994) had to have the date advanced manually each morning before running any mail through them.That is, the meter itself didn't "know" the current date.To do so, as you can guess, would violate several civil and criminal statutes, not the least of which would be Mail Fraud." Colin Fahey: Scholastic Aptitude Test you suspect a Pitney Bowes technician of carrying out an inside job, it is highly unlikely that a postal meter has been compromised specifically to perpetrate a hoax on you.If you feel that my answer is incomplete or inaccurate in any way, please post a clarification request so that I have a chance to meet your needs before you assign a rating.

Finally, in the box on the right-hand end of the [indicium] is the postage value (29 cents)." So the numbers at the bottom of the stamp make up an identifying code for the postage meter that stays the same regardless of the date, amount, or location of the imprint.

hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&c2coff=1&q=usps postal indicia&btn G=Search I appreciate the clarity of your response even if I don't like the answer.

I wanted to know if I had proof that fraud had been committed.

The very purpose of this research paper, which was funded by the United States Postal Service, is to explore methods of including additional information in a printed stamp that would enable the receiver to determine its authenticity.

Such methods have not yet been implemented in Pitney Bowes postal meters.The good news is that it is very difficult to backdate a postage meter, and essentially impossible to do so without detection by the postal authorities.