Biblical dating genealogy records

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It will be considered later whether or not they are complete.

These genealogies are compared by some to the lists recorded on Sumer. kings are extremely long; those after the Flood progressively shorter until the last few reigns are nearer the normal.

God’s blessings were often passed on in the family line and these genealogies express the covenant connections of ancient Israel. Certain offices such as the priesthood, the Levitical work, and the kingship, were hereditary, and genealogies trace the perpetuation of these offices.

Also, land tenure in Israel was carried on chiefly through male descent.

Abraham’s family outside of Isaac is given very briefly in Genesis 25. The chief men in the family of Esau are listed in ch. Part of this genealogy of Jacob is repeated (Exod -25), but the family of Levi is expanded there to give the genealogy of Moses, the son of Amram, son of Kohath, son of Levi.

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The genealogies in Genesis 4 and 10 are different from those in chs. Genesis 10 is frequently called the “Table of Nations,” tracing the expanding migrations of the various sons of Noah and their successors.

It can be shown that these successors are not given in straight genealogical lines. begetting Israel (Num ) or God bearing Israel (Deut ), or God begetting the Messiah (Ps 2:7).