Black and white dating jokes

10-Jun-2020 07:54

“White people be like ‘white people be like,’ but they be the white people that white people be like!!!! I’m not trying to bar white people from being self-deprecating—far from it. ,” asserts that the genre dates back to slavery, when it provided a means of uplift.

But when a source of solace for people of color is co-opted this way, does it lose all its power? Unconsciously, this humor was adhering to a tacit understanding that now exists within the comedy world, outlining the fuzzy margins of what’s inbounds.

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Share them, and you gain membership in a club open to all people of color, a space impervious to white hegemony. You’ll find some white people making the same sorts of quips—and often joking the hardest.“White people be like ‘Taco Bell is too spicy!

’” riffs a Twitter account run by one of those white people.

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