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13-May-2020 22:51

Their Belinsky was the rebellious, sporting-world Casanova who pointed the way for the athletes as sex symbols who followed. Elsewhere at Trinity Life were those who’d seen a different Belinsky, whose largely unpublicized post-baseball descent into alcoholism and cocaine addiction took him to such depths of degradation that for nearly a decade he seemed past redemption.

Some, like Mark Greenberg, former vice president of business development at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage and current executive director of Michael’s House, a treatment facility for men in Palm Springs, were involved in Belinsky’s rehabilitation.

There’s no limit to going down the tubes.”Belinsky’s services attracted a few Las Vegas notables—chief among them boxing promoter Bob Arum—but most of the others in attendance were either members of Trinity Life, or friends Bo had made during his 12 years of residency in the city.

People like Rich Abajian, general manager of Findlay Toyota, Irving Marcus, director of guest relations at Arizona Charlie’s Casino, Lou Rodophele, a retired plumbing supplies distributor from Boston and Don Richardson, sales manager of Saturn of West Sahara.

Ski pallid, eyes dark circled and hair sickly gray, he was not well.

Yet as he gazed out the dealership’s windows onto the lot, where the sun burst off Camrys and 4Runners, he seemed happy.

“I give people second chances, third chances, and usually I don’t get much back. But Bo would walk around the dealership saying, ‘It’s gonna be okay,’ which meant a lot to me.”Once a week Belinsky ate breakfast with Irving Marcus at Arizona Charlie’s, a rambling casino on the north side of Las Vegas that attracts mainly locals.

Speaking of his seasons with the Angels, he said, “In those days it was all sex and champagne, champagne and sex. When it was good, it was good, and when it was bad, it was still pretty good.” As for the dark times, he was appalled: “I was an alcoholic of the worst kind, not only dangerous to myself but to my loved ones and friends—and they fled from me.”Even before Belinsky arrived at the Angels’ 1962 spring training camp in Palm Springs, he was already famous.He and I had the longest employer-employee relationship in his life.”Findlay Toyota was perfect for Belinsky.