C validating input char

04-Apr-2020 02:41

This isn't the program you are trying to make, but it has all the same elements so you can see how it works.

Ninety-nine percent of software applications require data which are entered by users, for example when you want to create an email account (Hotmail, Gmail ...

A regular expression is sometimes called regex or regexp. \.[a-z A-Z]$ “ matches an email address, so you can use this pattern to validate if a specific string is equals to a valid email address or not. Regual Expressions namespace So let’s start, Now you can fill the fields then click check button, if there is any invalid data a message box will appear and tell you.

Fortunately you don’t have to create these patterns, you can find any pattern here, Implement user validation using regex and C# In this example I’ll show you how to use regex class to validate an email, zip code and phone number field within a windows form app.

When I enter A for example, I get the error message "Enter correct value: " Now when I enter in A again or even P the 2nd try, the function accepts the letter as valid input and continues on with the rest of the program.

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Again, I am very new to coding, I have looked at various books and researched on the web but have not found anything useful to tell me how to properly create a function like this.So far I have been using while loops and do while loops for input validation.

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