Can chiropractors dating former patients

16-Mar-2020 19:17

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Transferences of transference, linked with the fiduciary relationship and unequal power structure, which makes most relationships with former patients ethically unacceptable (see following sections). [the] special confidence reposed in one who in equity and good conscience is bound to act in good faith and with due regard to the interests of one reposing the confidence”. It has also been suggested that another source of power —Hierarchical power, the power inherent by one's position in a medical hierarchy (e.g. To help understand these four types of power, and the relationships between each type, consider the following incident from my personal experience as a first year house surgeon in Australia in the mid-1980s.This suggests that the overwhelming outcome for most, if not all, patients is negative. the specific impact of a particular boundary crossing can only be assessed by careful attention to clinical context”., the analysis has to examine other factors.