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16-Sep-2019 23:08

At any rate, I think that after this, I doubt that we see her in the classroom much longer.

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It seems the problem is that some don’t understand the proper setting certain clothes should be worn. The excuse that ‘women with curves can’t help it’ is a cop out. I was taught many years ago by my first principal that you dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

There are clothes that are flattering while being professional. I’m not sure what her aspirations are but in order to be taken as a serious professional, you have to look like one.

It’s kind of easy to win a title that no other teachers are competing for!

I have plenty of friends who are teachers with crazy curves who lots of men would consider sexy, just like her, who dress more appropriately for the class room.

Excessive throat clearing is common in people with reflux and thick mucus production.

Throat clearing is bad for the vocal folds; this habit leads to wear and tear.

Now, it is back to the schoolyards full of energetic, talkative, and sometimes willful groups of children. If you are determined not to let the classroom conditions, cold weather or a heavy speaking load get the best of you and your speaking voice, it’s best to learn a few tips to keep your voice as healthy and strong as possible. Being aware of what your voice is telling you and taking care of it can prevent vocal injuries.

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(Side note—If you are already in vocal nodule land, see a voice therapist before you decide on surgery.

Those nasty little nodules could return without implementing proper voice habits and techniques). Have you ever seen a professional athlete not train or practice during the off-season or skip the pre-game warm up?In a school setting with so many hormones raging, her attire isn’t appropriate.

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