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(In chess, as in bridge, there is a point system; basically, one gets to be a grandmaster by beating other grandmasters.)Success after success came to Karpov, and it was clear that a great player was on the way. In his first major tournament, the Alekhine Memorial in Moscow, he tied for first.

The players included 18 grandmasters, four of whom had previously been world champions.

He claims constantharassment and even threats on his life.

Nor is his opinion of Karpov any higher than Karpov's is of him. As a young man, Korchnoi, born in Leningrad on July 23, 1931, was one of the world's strongest chess players.

He has - pace Karpov - demanded repeatedly that the Russians release his family.

That would involve release from jail of Korchnoi's son, who was put away in 1979 as a ''draft dod ger.'' The sentence still has six months to run.

Since he left his country, he has lost no opportunity of attacking the Soviet system.

When they played for the championship in 1978, it was called a grudge match.

When the two antagonists face off in Merano, it will be a grudge match cubed, and the fight will be as much personal as political.

They meet in Merano, Italy, this Thursday to play for the world championship, and if it is a repeat of their 1978 match in the Philippines, it will be much more than mere chess.

In Soviet eyes, Karpov, the Hero or the Siegfried of Chess, will be playing against a man who in Soviet eyes is a deformed, diseased, morally sick renegade who in 1976 defected from the Soviet Union to the Netherlands for a mess of pottage.This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996.