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11-Oct-2019 17:36

His You Say I Am a Riddle is a long poetry in autographic style In Brightest Africa The Sisters are his two unpublished novels. And that is the reason why he set up Nobel Literature Prize among the 5 prizes.

Usually, the awarding is based on the achievement throughout the whole writing life of a cidate; occasionally, the basis was the achievement of just one piece of writing.

There is only one laureate in Oceania, Patrick White (Australia) in 1973.

Since 20 years ago, overcoming their limited viewpoints, the Nobel Committees have noticed paid much more attention to such an unbalance.

This also shows the unique charming point of the Nobel Literature Prize.

On October 11, 2012, Chinese writer Moyan, who is famous for his pieces such as Red Sorghum Clan, The Republic of Wine, Salwood Death, Life Death Are Wearing Me Out Frog was awarded the 2012 Nobel Literature Prize because he “merges folk tales with hallucinatory realism merges history with the contemporary.” Thus, he became the first Chinese laureate for the award.

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There once were some experts who listed the writers who should have been awarded the Nobel Literature Prize such as Tolstoy (Russia), Gorky (Russia), Hardy (Great Britain), Lawrence (Great Britain), Joyce (Irel), Proust (France), Kafka (Austria), Pound (USA), Ibsen (Norway), Strindberg (Sweden), listed some writers who should not have been awarded the Nobel Literature Prize..

The average age of all the Nobel Literature Prize laureates is 64 years old.