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13-Mar-2020 08:53

Two people who get to know each other during school days, their friendship develops over time, they become really close and know everything about each other, but due to the nature of life, they drift apart and after few years meet again with the same enthusiasm.This is because friendship is based on trust and support between two people.Individuals in a relationship are not always free to make their own choices since they are responsible for others and have to keep in mind what is the best option for all the people involved.Usually, commitment is a girl and a boy, and a relationship of blood is between families.Relationships, on the other hand, are built on intimacy where two people get involved with each other and start depending on different matters.It is more than just friendship but may nor may not be as profound as expected.

But in a relationship, they have to depend on each other in a way that the decisions have to be taken mutually unless two people are in an open relationship they have to take into account what the other person wants and if they are happy or sad about a certain decision.

Friendships start to develop from a young age and people from school days end up staying friends forever.