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The result was the 1964 T20M Mountain Cub with Dunlop Trials tires, aluminum fenders and 7.5 inches of ground clearance.Jo Mo sold every one they could get, even offering a version with half tracks for winter use in the California mountains.tested a Triumph Mountain Cub in 1964, calling it the trail bike they’d been asking for, “A real motorcycle, slightly undersized, properly equipped and geared.” Though heavier than its Asian competitors, the Mountain Cub scored on comfort and hill climbing ability, pulling strong where the smaller Japanese bikes ran out of steam.A better oil pump was fitted from 1961, and the Cub received a complete new bottom end in 1962, which fixed the problem.Also, the primary chain had no adjuster, and sometimes broke if the case ran dry of oil, and the marginal frame used the gas tank as a stressed member — if a different tank was fitted, the frame could break.The cams acted on two short pushrods, which in turn operated on 90-degree-spaced valves by screw-adjustable rockers.

With never more than a handful of horsepower and only three speeds, they were quickly outclassed by similar capacity Japanese bikes, becoming not much more than a footnote in the journals of Juneau Avenue.

Primary drive to the wet multi-plate clutch was by chain, while the 4-speed countershaft gearbox was housed in a separate chamber cast in-unit with the engine.