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15-Feb-2020 00:40

I love writing song parodies and this is one of them.

I sang it a few times at a piano bar around the time David was suing Liza for beating him up in a drunken rage.

Marisa Berensen is Liza's best friend and has been for many PS: Marc Shaiman - then I take it back - much better than Forbidden Broadway.

As the bride readied herself in a private room at ManhattanR…Darling! There's no need to open thish up to gossip and shcandle-mongering! If you want to know what happened, look no farther! You all recall the day I married David Desshpite peculiar waysh that Dave behav-ed We talked to Katie, Matt and Diane Sshawyer, Jay Leno, Larry King, and then a Lawyer.

He must have considered her the trophy wife of all time.

About that kiss..critic said that Gest's passionate open-mouthed kiss was akin to "a drowning man trying to swallow a watermelon."Girls, girls!

Eventually Liza realized it was a mistake as she got back to full health.

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He's a low-life who took advantage of an ill woman, and played right into every insecurity and need Liza had.

I was on DL during Liza's wedding and the threads were very funny.