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29-Apr-2020 03:19

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As the number of internet users has grown, so too has the number of single people who are using the internet as a means to connect with single men or women.Now, we have all sorts of different dating sites to fit different lifestyles. And if you're deaf, you can join a deaf dating site.This is a fantastic app for helping deaf and hard of hearing people to communicate over the phone via a text relay assistant.NGTS is especially handy for using at work and can be tailored to meet your specific communication needs.

is another popular website for the deaf or hard of hearing communities.Deaf Singles is one of the largest sites for deaf and hard of hearing.Setting up a free account will let you test drive most features.The excerpt "I find it hard to to believe that this culture and language is so prevalent around us around us, but, as a hearing person, I knew absolutely nothing about it" is very applicable to my life as well.

Similar to Roger Mindel, before taking ASL I was never very aware of the depth of the deaf community, however I am taking steps to increase my awareness and knowledge.

I think that it is so awesome that this manager took it upon himself to enroll in a basic ASL course in order to communicate with this employee!