Dating a browning citori

13-Jan-2020 12:23

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The top rib’s width on the XS Special is tapered and parallel to the barrel.

The barrels are 30″ long and ported (image left) to supposedly reduce recoil, but I haven’t found to be that noticeable – other than being louder for anyone standing next to the shooter.

When I pulled the gun up I noticed that my jaw was pushing the stock to the right.

It made getting the mid-bead and front-site aligned a bit awkward so the first adjustment was cast.

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I bought my Browning Citori XS Special after having decided to go all-in and become a competitive skeet shooter.

I looked at the entire Citori and Cynergy lines for the gun I was going to purchase.

I had my heart set on the Cynergy Sporting with an adjustable comb, but was unable to get what I wanted for the price I was willing to pay.

When I first got the gun, my first task was to get the comb adjusted for me (image left).When I opened the Citori, I found it to be a little stiff to open as one might expect with a brand new gun.