Dating a family member

17-May-2020 01:41

If you have a toxic family member who makes you feel like nothing you ever do is good enough, then let the relationship go to salvage yourself.Whether it is your mother, your father, or even extended family, your relationship should be about acceptance and loving someone not in spite of their weaknesses, but because of them.My mother used to say, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.” But there are times when people are so close to us, they feel like family and other times when toxic family members seem more like your worst enemies.It isn’t just societal pressure that makes us feel for our “kin.” It is something innate in us that drives us to want to protect and help those genetically tied to survive.

Toxic family members usually gain control by doing something called dividing and conquering.Toxic family members have the advantage of gaining access to your financial information.Sometimes in the form of bank or credit accounts or just knowing where you hide cash.But the problem is, just because you care about a family member’s well-being, that doesn’t necessarily mean they care for you, family or not.

9 signs and reasons to let go of toxic family members There is an obligation that we feel to our relations. When they aren’t good for us or hurt us, it is a difficult situation. So, if someone is toxic to you, then you’re obliged to take care of you.

If they only provide love and support when you do what they want, then that doesn’t help you.