Dating a young man

29-May-2020 00:53

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I remind myself that no one can predict the future.People say to him, “But what if she can’t have children?And, although we've been together for more than a year and a half, live together, and are planning a future with one another, individuals still find it difficult to understand why we have chosen each other.My age has been a huge barrier for some to open their minds and hearts and get to know me simply as the person whom he loves.Ultimately, my boyfriend and I have concluded that our love is too deep, intense, and “once-in-a-lifetime” to let it go.There are days when the weight of it all leaves me immobilized, sad, and unable to focus on anything.He is the kindest, most compassionate, funniest individual I have ever encountered.

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Just a month ago, we had to have talk about whether or not we should stay together or break up — simply because of the pressure put on us from hearing so many critical opinions about our relationship.

For those of you reading: the next time you begin to judge a relationship that looks “different” because of age, race, disability, or something else, catch yourself and stop.