Dating customs in guinea

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All individuals present on the day of the interview were eligible for participation; our sample comprised 21% of youths enrolled in school.

For the out-of-school sample, we chose men and women of selected occupations that represent substantial segments of both the formal and the informal sectors: carpenters (male apprentices), cart-pushers (male unskilled worker), dressmakers (female apprentices) and itinerant vendors (female unskilled workers).

They attract many young people from the surrounding rural world with learning and earning opportunities. The quantitative component was a survey of 3,603 randomly selected young people.

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Pupils were selected through a stratified cluster-sampling procedure, in which the different school grades (6-13) were defined as the strata and randomly selected classes from each grade as the clusters.

Large differences in age at first marriage are typical in Sub-Saharan Africa.

One reason for this is that in polygynous societies, older men have several wives and younger men face a relative shortage of women.

However, family planning organizations occasionally provide contraceptive information in 10th-grade classes. An analysis of hospital data in Conakry revealed that 17% of maternal deaths were due to induced abortions and 42% of abortions occurred among women aged 15-20.

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Our study was conducted in 1995 among unmarried 15-24-year-old men and women in three towns with populations ranging from about 37,000 to 100,000—Faranah, Kissidougou and Guéckédou.In Guinea, modern contraceptive use is low, sexuality education is not part of the school curriculum and many young people are sexually active.