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17-Mar-2020 00:33

Sure, it can be nerve-racking to be the one to reach out.

Just like travel, they'll probably have a lot to say if music is meaningful to them.You might start with a compliment, Fulgham says, as a way to call attention to the adorableness of their dog. This will not only (hopefully) lead to a conversation about pets, but it can also open the door to talking about your daily lifestyles, favorite local parks, and so on.Hey, maybe you could even meet up Folks love to talk about travel, which is evidenced by the zillions of vacation photos in everyone's profile.It's tough to lift a conversation up after such a flat answer, so try to ask open ended-questions like this one, to increase the chances of it going somewhere.

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It can also show you care about them as a person, and want to know more about their life and what's meaningful to them.

This question comes from the Bumble Convo Starters, which you can use if/when you're not sure what to say.

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