Dating hiv people positive

24-Oct-2020 07:25

Serosorting is the practice of only dating people with the same HIV status as you, whether that’s positive or negative, for health reasons.

Today, there are more and better ways to treat and prevent HIV than there were even twenty years ago, so serosorting is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

The sooner you start meds and take them diligently (meaning every day), the sooner you will become undetectable.

People with an undetectable viral load — I’ll explain what that means in the next question — are unable to transmit the virus.

Compare that number to people who have been recently diagnosed and are not yet taking medication — their tests can show millions of copies of HIV in one millimeter of blood.

When you are undetectable, the virus is unable to trigger antibody tests, which are the tests used to tell if someone has HIV.

I can’t have a sex ed tutorial every time I want to get laid. On all the hookup apps, I write my status (HIV and Undetectable) on every profile, and tell interested parties as soon as we start talking.

If someone’s not accepting of my HIV status, it’s a dealbreaker. This weeds out poz-phobic (or simply poz-ignorant) people faster.

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My best sex came post-diagnosis, along with my best partners. Will anyone want to have sex with me now that I am HIV positive? Suddenly I was branded with something I was deeply afraid of, something I had been afraid of for years.

How do I tell people I want to have sex with that I am HIV positive?

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