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28-Mar-2020 01:24

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I always wondered what my life would be like if I got one. After you decided that you were going to be a cross dresser what was that transition like? I did know that he was supposed to be on medication. I needed to determine where I could go that I would be safe. I think it would interrupt everything that I am trying to do with music and fashion. I realized that if I was going to dress like this I had to either go somewhere that it was appropriate or I was really going to need to learn to protect myself. I saw one of the guys whisper something to one of the women. They would heckle me but they would not say anything directly to me. I think it is because with guys I can be somewhat of a fetish to them. My dad never got a chance to hear my music, but because of him I am into music. They didn’t even know me but they were going crazy. (Crying) The loss of my dad and Daryl [his boyfriend that passed away].

During the time that I was able to fend off his fans, this is what I learned about Michiee’s transformation from men’s to women’s wear… After high school, I realized that I was going to be me.

I want women to have more confidence in themselves. Have you ever had any situations where you treated very poorly or you felt threatened? As I walked past them I said, “Go to hell.” I just was not in the mood that day.

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