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07-Dec-2019 22:45

I would say that people in Leon are friendlier than in Managua and therefore it's a bit easier to meet women at bars and nightclubs.

I chose to live here in Leon because Managua is rather dirty and dangerous and Granada is smaller and there isn't as much to do. It has a lot of universities (and therefore a lot of university students) as well. The city is very spread out and it's difficult to walk anywhere.

They will often cook for you and introduce you to their families quickly.

They are very close with their families here so you will meet brothers, sisters, mom and dad if the girl likes you. They have nice skin, and are a bit more on the indigenous side, although there are some lighter skinned women as well.

I think it is better to go out to bars and clubs to meet girls or maybe to sign up for Spanish classes. I think younger people might have an easier time dealing with this but it is worth mentioning.

I understand this because it is a poor country, but you want to know that a girl likes you for more than just your money and sometimes it can be hard to tell here.

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I am honest, funny, smart and hardworking Woman looking for somebody with the same characteristics, Im not looking a blue princess I want a real man that He wants spend the rest of his life with me.Unfortunately that will also make you a target for crime.