Dating in the dark on abc

01-Nov-2019 16:00

The six people interact with each other and participate in various dating activities over the course of several days with the caveat that it all happens in complete darkness (viewers still catch almost everything thanks to producers using night-vision technology).At the conclusion of each episode, the participants have an opportunity to see what the other houseguests look like before deciding whether to proceed with the romantic relationship or not.She also learns that, due to unpaid bills, her doctor is unwilling to treat her urinary infection.While visiting Dean for an update on the phone, Murphy tells Chloe that her father should consider dating.Max takes Murphy to a beach, and then gives her the address.Murphy goes there, visits Tyson's room, and then tells Rhonda the truth." /Couples must choose whether personality is more important than looks -- and those who choose looks over personality aren't celebrated here.

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The language is generally mild ("hell," "damn"), with occasional stronger profanity (like “s--t”) fully bleeped/blurred. Overall, it’s not the best fit for tweens and younger teens, but older teens should be able to handle it.

This is a show where six couples try dating each other without ever meeting.