Dating israel and jordan 2016

19-Sep-2020 15:12

The mostly desert Jordan, for its part, would get up to 50 billion cubic metres of freshwater from the Sea of Galilee.

Israel also agreed to sell 32 billion cubic metres to the Palestinian Authority.

Jordan announced in November 2016 that it had chosen five international consortiums to build the first phase of the canal.

But talks on how to finance the deal, which calls for 0 million of public funding, and geopolitical flare-ups have kept the project from moving forward.

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"The Dead Sea has historical, biblical, natural, touristic, medical and industrial values that make it an invaluable cultural, environmental and economic treasure," said Avner Adin, a specialist in water science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“This is part of a larger trend to normalize bigotry in academia,” said Club Z executive director Masha Merkulova.