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15-Mar-2020 19:52

Your suits are always magically dry cleaned, your Ralph Lauren socks folded into balls and put away, your shirts wrinkle-free and freshly starched. But she ensures it all runs smoothly, and it's not something you ever need to think about.Again, she may not be the one personally plumping the cushions and sweeping under the bed.Because she can, and she'll ensure you're drinking Manischewitz with the new Jews before you've even noticed his oversized Chai necklace. If it weren't for her, you would have literally no friends.Know that if you get divorced (God forbid), they all side with her.But she’ll hire the perfect person to do just that, and your home life is organized, functional and easy.Your Jewish wife is completely obsessed with her own family, and when she’s not at lunch with them, she's on the phone to them.

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Honestly, if Moses had just sent his wife, she would have charmed Pharaoh into giving the Jews freedom wayyy earlier.But this has significant advantages for you because family gatherings are a huge, fun affair where both your families come together regularly.She creates a warm family environment where your family is always more than welcome to hang out, and you love her for it.(With advance notice and a little cajoling, of course, because we’re independent, busy people, too.)Behold: all the reasons why Jewish girls make the best wives.

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Sorry to start with the obvious, but it’s got to be stated.

With every Jewish couple I know, the question is generally, "How did he get her? What we lack in naturally skinny thighs, we make up for in effort and abusing your Amex to physically enhance ourselves. Yes, you may be better at the stock market than she is (Bull and bear what?

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