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22-Mar-2020 15:25

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Generally, the principal auditor is expected to have audited or assumed responsibility for reporting on at least 50% of the assets and revenues of the consolidated entity.If it is impracticable for a principal auditor to assume that extent of responsibility for one or more of the periods presented, the staff will evaluate whether to accept the audit reports as sufficient for reliance in filings with the SEC depending on the facts and circumstances.

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When an independent auditor uses the work and reports of other independent auditors to audit the financial statements of one or more subsidiaries, divisions, branches, components, or investments included in the financial statements presented, such independent auditor must decide whether it may serve as the principal auditor.The PCAOB has also issued certain independence and ethics rules, which are part of its adopted standards. Compliance with these rules is required to issue a PCAOB opinion.

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