Dating necklace clasp poems for a one year dating anniversary

05-Oct-2020 16:44

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The free end of the hook should if possible be long and bent around so that it sits tightly against the jump ring.

The opposing jump ring should be large enough that the hook just fits through it.

Hooks also work best when they are under some tension.

In the case of a necklace catch, the weight of the pendant will keep the chain pulled taut, making the hook secure.

The hoop in figure 12.27b is closed with a double hook which is functional as well as decorative.

A precondition for its effectiveness is the springiness of the hoop. The ends of the thick wire that makes up the hoop that encircles the neck are forged out.

These catches have become so familiar that they are often used without consideration to how they fit into the whole design of a piece.

Some goldsmiths even use mass produced catches in their creations when competing in competitions!

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This allows it to pass through a ring on the opposite end of the chain.Once this is accomplished, there are other concerns that should be addressed.