Dating round bottom bottles

04-Oct-2020 15:16

Even today, antique malls will nearly all have one or more examples of the British bottles and none of the American.When unembossed, as the majority of examples are, the aqua bottles sell for very little and are very common.Embossed English or Irish examples in aqua are not uncommon.Some have been found here, others were imported in the 1970s as collecting bottles became popular.Dan attempts to teach model builders to understand the basic principals involved.After reading this heavily illustrated text, readers should have a good understanding of how to design rig and build both square sailed as well as fore and aft rigged vessels.American examples of either style, cucumbers or torpedos are scarce and when found expensive.

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None are common but some are still available and others are yet to be unearthed.

Henry Cochrane was from Dublin, Ireland though his headquarter may have later been in Belfast and many of the imported ginger ale bottles found in this country, bear his name and the word Belfast.

These round bottom bottles could have contained other soft drinks many by this company as well.

This style bottles curved bottom had several distinct advantages.

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First it forced the user to store the bottle on its side therefore keeping liquid in contact with the cork. The design was also much stronger than conventional flat bottom bottles so they were less likely to break from pressure, when used to contain carbonated water.

All of the round and torpedo bottles I have recovered from shipwrecks were always packed in square crates just like their flat bottom counterparts.

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