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glob uses two special symbols that act like sort of a blend between a meta-character and a quantifier. as the pcre equivalent of the dot (.) Note: * and ?function independently from the previous character. For instance, if you do glob("a*.php") on the following list of files, all of the files starting with an 'a' will be returned, but * itself would match: // * matches nothing // * matches the second 'a' // * matches 'b' // * matches 'bc' // * matches nothing, because the starting 'a' fails // * matches nothing, because the starting 'a' fails // * matches nothing, because the starting 'a' fails It does not match just and as a 'normal' regex would, because it matches 0 or more of any character, not the character/class/group before it. .php") on the same list of files will only return and because as mentioned, the ?The list all dirs code didn't seem to work, at least on my server (provided by parazuce [at] gmail [dot] com).I needed a function to create an unlimited multidimensional array, with the names of the folders/files intact (no realpath's, although that is easily possible).These rules are subject to change when citation styles are revised, so be sure to consult the most recent edition of a given citation manual.

Also you can tweak it for searches with something like this...

(case sensitive)$search_names="Somedocname";$files Array=glob($dir."/".$search_names."*.*"); Enjoy! I have been working towards a CMS-type design that is both modular and quite flat.

For example, included files are all one level below the installation folder.glob() just help me get rid of a lot of opendir() hassle.

This is so I can simply loop through the array, create an expandable link on the folder name, with all the files inside it.

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This is the correct way to recurse I believe (no static, return small arrays to build up the multidimensional array), and includes a check for files/folders beginning with dots.// may need modificationsfunction list_files($path)print_r(list_files("/path/to/folder"));// example usagefunction list_html($list)echo list_html(list_files("/path/to/folder")); Just be careful when using GLOB_BRACE regarding spaces around the comma: works as expected, but with a leading space, will only match the former as expected but not the latterunless you have a directory named " core" on your machine with a leading space.

With the same list above, executing glob("[ab]*.php) will return (all of them): // [ab] matches 'a', * matches nothing // [ab] matches 'a', * matches 2nd 'a' // [ab] matches 'a', * matches 'b' // [ab] matches 'a', * matches 'bc' // [ab] matches 'b', * matches nothing // [ab] matches 'b', * matches 'c' // [ab] matches 'b', * matches 'cd' glob("[ab].php") will return and glob("[^a]*.php") will return: // [^a] matches 'b', * matches nothing // [^a] matches 'b', * matches 'c' // [^a] matches 'b', * matches 'cd' glob("[^ab]*.php") will return nothing because the character class will fail to match on the first character.

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