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11-Nov-2019 10:03

I guess I have enough trouble just trying to get through the day, it's like walking a tightrope, and when I start trying to get involved with people the tightrope starts shaking and there's no real payoff. I rarely got emails even when I put vast amounts of effort.The ones I got responses from seemed to only want validation of some sort. The more you focus on other people making you happy and needing validation from other people to confirm your self worth is destructive.The site was established in 2004 and since then has been operated by a single individual with a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder.This is not a faceless corporation but instead a kind community with a leader passionate about improving the lot of its users.I tried online dating when I was feeling better but the absolute constant rejection you face as a guy just got me down.Sending hundreds of messages and getting a few replies only for them to stop responding mid conversation made me get terrible self esteem.I've never gotten a conversation from years of online dating let alone a date.I always thought I wasn't that ugly or that boring but I guess I really am both. Successful online dating for me require a strong social support network and a vivacious lifestyle that pulls me out of the rejection In other words, in order for me to start dating and actually enjoy it I need to be enjoying my life in general. i was dumped on the first day of the year by a girl i had invested a lot of emotion into.

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I don't know if I've accepted fate as being single forever and never finding a perfect person.

I know the feeling of rejection sucks but just know that you may not be at fault.

I like to think it's not, but it's happened literally every single time.

I have no idea why considering I'm too much of a scatterbrained, anxious trainwreck to hold a conversation. After becoming a virtual hermit, l'm now intimidated by the thought of letting anyone in past even the most superficial surface.

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I don't even have a picture of myself on my profile.We are a welcoming community that understands the trials and pitfalls of managing a mental illness.