Dating small town guys

13-Sep-2019 09:19

Grew up and lived in a Boston suburbs until I was almost 30, now living in Albuquerque. In a smaller city like this everyone knows everyone someway or another.Words/rumors seem to get around quickly and it seems you are always bumping into or seeing people you have dated when you head out.Theres always a chance I'll run into her or her friends.Everyone knows we were together so every question is why we broke up. Basically, it's harder to avoid someone/keep them out of your mind that way.In small towns, way more people are looking for relationships. Those that are trying to get in a relationship in NYC (more women than men) are trying to lock down someone - but due to the seemingly infinite options, they are faced with "the upgrade problem" discussed in the other thread.Well, Dublin (Ireland) is a city, but it feels like a small town.

My buddy in Philly does the same search in a 25 mile radius and get 3000 hits. But it has small town feeling because we grew up in adjacent neighborhoods. Or good experience from "simple" date you want to share.