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As its name indicates it has two parts, the first half and the second half.To do the first half of the ds, pinch the end of the tread coming off the shuttle, between the index finger and thumb of the left hand.However, the advent of the Internet has led to the creation of tatting shuttle patterns that can be downloaded, mounted on thick cardboard, and used with as much ease as any store bought model.

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Flip the loop from the shuttle thread to the ring thread like you did in the first half.The tatting shuttle is an oval shaped device that contains two small holes at each end of the body of the shuttle.Generally, the tatting shuttle is no more than three inches in length, although there are larger models available.As a handy guide to help in the process of shuttle tatting, the tatting shuttle makes it possible to master the art of creating lace patterns using this time honored method of tatting.

Here is some information on the tatting shuttle, and how it is used.

Using a tatting shuttle requires nothing more than a high level of dexterity and plenty of thread to work with.