Dating via text

29-Nov-2019 00:08

The majority of guys are poor communicators but when a guy wants to talk to you, he’ll do just that.

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Maybe I could plan the dates to make it easier on him. I am actually usually really busy at work, but if I wanted to see you, I’d make an effort. ” -Jeremy, 27, New York “If I really was busy for the next few weeks at work, I would have brought it up when we hung out last night.” (A week after your really great, amazing first date.) What we think: Oh, so you didn’t disappear on me!Maybe he was just really preoccupied and didn’t have a chance to reach out.As if communication between men and women isn’t hard enough…now we all get to contend with the added mysteries that go along with texting.

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Our favorite guest blogger Lindsay Tigar is back to break it all down for us. Admit it: When you like a guy and you’ve been out a few times (or even just once) – you get a little obsessive over his text messages.So save yourself the headache of over-analysis and just go out there and talk to people in the flesh! Guys text their friends all the time, guys and girls, and are communicative with girls they like.