Dating vietnamese coffee shop girls

05-Jul-2020 15:32

If you want hookers you can find that info on other sites, this is more about where the non hooker Saigon girls go to party.

Even when they are drunk and partying they are unlikely to let you get laid the first time you meet, but when alcohol is involved you have a better chance.

Hanging out in them may not be a bad idea, but you will definitely notice that there isn’t much (if any) mingling going on between foreign men and the local women.

Another good place to meet girls in Ho Chi Minh City is to visit parks during the day.

While in some places in Asia girls are going to be all over you if you are a foreigner that is not the case here.

Many girls do have an interest in foreign men, but knowing which ones do is never easy.

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Expect it to take a few dates before girls in Saigon will want to get laid, and they also will hope that it is in a relationship that is actually going somewhere, not just a fling.

This is really not an easy thing to do in this country for many reasons.

If you are an absolute approaching machine and have no problems walking up to a table full of locals at a coffee shop and chatting up the sexiest girl then maybe you will have some success.

Most mere mortals aren’t going to be able to pull something like that off, and you have to assume most of the girls aren’t going to be very receptive to that either.

That said there is a huge coffee culture here, there are coffee shops all over, and every night there are sexy ladies at them.

Saigon Square is a very busy place and lots of sexy single ladies go there every day and night.

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