Dating vintage white machines

14-Mar-2020 19:28

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In 1967, Ernesto Valente reported .9 million sales to shareholders (mostly family).At the opening of that year, FAEMA celebrated their 100 000e 'Milanese' machine whereas Gaggia was only half of that. Well if you like this, I need your help to go further.In fact, Torino ANCC badges will also fit on that VA boiler (holes not exactly at the right place): I'm inclined to believe that the ANCC number in that case is the one stamped on the badge fixations (see Udine badges below).Other interesting information from that study concern the two major espresso brands.I'm sure there are many people having access to very old machines here.With that bit of information, I think it is possible to extend the study.In Udine, for instance, there was San Marco and La Dorio brands who shared the same ANCC system, apparently stamped on the fixation of a large medallion.Tags like these ones:[From Tom's Lollobridgida, showing Date, Serial and rating pressure][From Mike's San Marco 52, showing also "UD" on the fixation and a missing tag?

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So, there was no badge or ANCC number on the boiler ? I think the ANCC numbering was only for large boilers, not for domestic machines.The ANCC number is dependent on the town of origin (hence MI=Milano, UD=Udine, TO=Torino have their own numbering) and seems coherent between different brands.