Dating women in china

25-Jul-2020 10:42

Yes, yes, we understand that it’s very difficult to assess the stereotype of a nationality without actually visiting the country involved.

Because of the country’s 4,000 year-old traditions and customs regarding women as the under-dogs of society, the Chinese view of the female’s role in life has been almost impossible to change.

Chinese women are more and more being drawn to the idea of changing their physical appearance via the expertise of plastic surgeons, and it’s estimated that upwards of 2.5 billion dollars (US), are spent annually on this procedure.

Their preference for a pure white, blemish-free skin, leads them not only to apply copious amounts of ‘whitening cream’ to their bodies but also to seek shelter from the sun: you will probably never encounter a sun-tanned woman from Beijing!

Home to one of the world’s earliest civilisations and the teachings of Confucius, China was ruled by a system of hereditary dynasties, the first of which was the Xia Dynasty, which held sway from around 2070BC.

Because of sex-selective abortion and female infanticide, the ratio between males and females (10) is much higher than would normally be expected, and within the next three years it’s estimated that there will be 30 million more men than women living in China.Well-educated and usually happily employed, the Chinese girl-about-town is well capable of looking after herself, her partner, and any children that might come from a stable relationship.Unfortunately, most Chinese citizens are able only to speak their own language!Since new reforms were introduced in 1978, the country has become the world’s largest exporter of goods and enjoys one of the fastest-growing economies.

Although the Constitution states that Chinese citizens are entitled to rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right to be given a fair trial, this is not actually the case.

Taking up a huge portion of Asia, it is home to nearly 1.4 billion people.