Dendrochronology dating relative

24-Jun-2020 18:15

To resolve conflicting evidence over when the route was abandoned, Wang and Zhao looked at wood remains from tombs along the route.Some historical sources had reported the Qinghai route was abandoned by the 6th century AD: dendrochronological analysis of 14 tombs along the route identified a continuing use through the late 8th century.At its most basic, during dry years the cambium's cells are smaller and thus the layer is thinner than during wet years.Not all trees can be measured or used without additional analytical techniques: not all trees have cambiums that are created annually.Cláudia Fontana and colleagues (2018) documented advances in filling a major gap in dendrochronological research in tropical and subtropical regions, because trees in those climates have either complex ring patterns or no visible tree rings at all.

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Wang and Zhao used dendrochronology to look at the dates of one of the Silk Road routes used during the Qin-Han period called the Qinghai Route.

Building a chronology of climate change in a region today was first simply a matter of matching overlapping tree ring patterns in older and older trees; but such efforts are no longer based solely on tree-ring widths.

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