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02-Apr-2020 06:13

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Think of the type of desi woman that might be on Ok C (versus or other matrimonial sites).

She will probably be pretty modern and progressive-minded. Probably can take care of herself, support herself, and doesn’t a man to take care of her.

Single Desi Dating is a site designed to help singles meet people from South Asian families in the UK.

So if you feel you fit in this category then why not try our site free!

All in our 30s, me being the only one that has been married before.

All are successful, active in their communities, have active lifestyles, and due to awesome desi genes and taking care of ourselves, we all look younger than we are #humblebrag. Some of us can really cook and/or have artistic talents.

One has a pilot’s license and flies planes as a hobby. We all do some kind of community service or volunteer work.

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I am pretty active on several dating sites and respond almost exclusively to desi men that pique my interest. Obviously physical attractiveness is a big deal, as are education, common interests, and certain lifestyle habits.

Self-loathing and desperation is not a good look, no matter what race or gender.

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