Disable automatic updating android apps

07-Nov-2019 08:52

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An app downloaded from another source won’t update automatically; you have to search for the latest version and download it again.

After this, you’ll be notified of app updates, and you will be the one to decide if the app should be updated or not.

If you don’t want this, you can also disable this notification feature in settings.

These are the ways to stop auto app updates on the popular mobile operating system. This is very important for mobile phone users unless you don’t mind paying more for data and not get the most of it because some automatic processes are eating up a bunch of it. He is a Computer Engineer, An experienced Android Developer, Professional Blogger & addicted Web Developer.

More importantly it is not always possible that the update will give you better functionality as sometimes update for fixing a bug creates more bugs then before.

Also, sometime you don’t want that application to be updated as you are comfortable in operating it as it is.

These automatic updates go on without any prior notification popping up on your device notification panel.

One of our readers was complaining that some of the apps in his Galaxy S4 were automatically updated without his knowledge.However, we are going to share the steps to deactivate auto app updates on Android devices.The steps are quite similar, and it is not difficult to understand.So, if you are the one facing such problems while using your smartphones and want to turn off these automatic updates then just roll down.

With Android phone, you have all freedom for the updates which let you to choose whether to keep them on or off.And hence there is no need to wait for updates of any application.

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