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09-Feb-2020 22:26

We are left to wonder, at the end of season 5, if Don will wander once again.In the very last scene, a woman approaches him at a bar and asks him if he’s alone.And yes, some of these Don Draper-like men find women who blow them away enough to change their dodgy ways and settle down.Don left his wife to settle down with his mistress. Command respect with your actions, daily – not your fluffy one-liners. Don doesn’t have a cell of self-doubt underneath that dapper suit.

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You become excited with the prospect of this challenge. You sleep together, and it’s better than you’d expected. You analyze this ‘relationship’ with your friends and wonder what it is that prevents him from opening his heart. Haven’t we all been there, in some capacity, at some point in time? If only we could think with our vaginas exclusively.

Are we cynical to assume that Don will most definitely say to her, “Yes, I am. ” And isn’t it just being realistic to think that a man won’t change his cheating/non committal ways because he’s told to? Nothing is black and white and yes, some great love stories are not uncomplicated.

But aren’t the uncomplicated real life ones the best kind?

After all, if you don’t respect yourself, why should anyone else? There’s no reason to give a 2,000-word dissertation on effective communication, when you can just look at someone, calmly raise your hand and say “John, Let me f***king finish”. A good rule of thumb is if you can say it 7 words, try to say it in 4.

As he left my apartment he said that he didn’t want me to write about him. Now women are scouring their city for the fiercely arrogant but self-loathing creative head of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Any man who identifies with a television character infamous for his duplicity, arrogance, and fragile ego should be avoided. Just look at the people that Don Draper is associated with – all talented, driven and skilled professionals.

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