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30-Mar-2020 18:12

Generation Love users can also expect more hands-on matchmaking tools to be made available soon.These tools will help the team point paid members toward desirable matches.Its successes are a testament to the care and dedication of its team.Although the site has been around a decade, its membership base continues to grow as more Western men and Eastern European women grow frustrated with the local dating scene and look for romance abroad.They can recommend matches, supply translators, make travel arrangements, and assist with visa paperwork to help couples start a new life with the right partner.Many dating sites are here today and gone tomorrow.

Generation Love’s surveys show both men and women are satisfied by the matchmaking process and dating services.

“We are happy to say that 95% of all reviews are positive,” Walter said.

“Even if a meeting did not lead to the desired relationship, men report that the stay was pleasant and they especially enjoyed the hospitality.” This is a point of pride for Generation Love.

They launch with a lot of flash, claiming they alone have cracked the dating code, and yet, within a few months, interest fizzles, sign-ups drop off, and singles move on to the next big thing.

In 2013, Forbes estimated that the dating industry adds 1,000 dating sites every year. Generation Love is among the few dating companies that has lasted a decade in the industry.

The men travel abroad, which proves their commitment to the budding relationship, and enter the meeting with a translator by their side.

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