Eve aura not updating

01-Apr-2020 04:36

We’re super happy to announce that a new version of the EVE Portal app for EVE Online is now available – called EVE Portal 2019.The app is free to download from both the App Store and Google Play store and has been rebuilt from scratch in house here at CCP.Information about a ship’s group is now shown in the ‘Show Info’ window, where capsuleers will also now be able to utilize the Skills on Demand function when investigating any skills.As a result of the Fanfest HOME video competition, we will host a personal, home-sized version of the legendary Fanfest in a player’s living room.Now with the new update, every weapon and module will have its own dedicated group of sounds with which to use while being activated/fired.CCP will also make sure that Wormhole space will have its own suite of sounds and music that is “better in every way possible” to Null-security.Riding high on the celebration of Eve’s 15th anniversary, CCP Games’ commitment to “the second decade” is bringing forth sweeping changes to the game we know and love.Long-time fans of the game have praised it for numerous reasons, however one negative that is constantly brought up is the lack of sound in EVE.

Reprising her role as a high-pitched assistant character, she really nails the part.

Just in time for upcoming CSM elections, advertisements on the large electronic billboards in stations and in space will now be fully voiced by their respective candidates.

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