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Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. D., IN BSOOGXITION OF HIS EMINENCE A8 A WBITEB, TEAOHKB, AND PHT8I0IAN, AND IN OBATEFUL AGKNOWLEDOMBNT OF HIS QBNEBOSITT TOWABD THE T0UN6EB MEMBEBS OF HIS PB0FES8I0N, C^ §ook is $tbkaie)^, WITH THE AFFECTIONATE BEOARD OF HIS FBIEND, THE AUTHOR. In the preparation of this work, my purpose lias been to present to the reader a fair statement of the changes which have been made by modem investigation in the views entertained respecting the physiology and pathology of pregnancy, labor, and childbed ; and I have endeavored to show that with advancing knowledge the art of midwifery has ceased to rest upon empirical rules, and is already, with rare exceptions, the natural outcome of scientific principles. The heemor- rhage generally ceases when the separation of the cotyledons is com- pleted and, after the rupture of the membranes, the pressure of the pre»enting part is brought to bear upon the bleeding surface. "It is the work of an able physician, and is written in a style which all pwwple can understand. These topics are discussed in a plain, common-sense style suited to the popular mind. Oswald is as epigrammatic as Emerson, as spicy as Montaigne, and as caustic as Heine. His first chapter is devoted to a consideration of the diet suitable for human beings and infants. The American editors have wisely resolved to preserve the style of the author, and adhere, as closely as possible, to his individual views and his particular style. Translated and edited, from the eighth German edition, with Extensive Additions, by William Crooks, F. The manufacture of soap will be found to include much detail. We like the book very much, and consider it a va\uab\e aj4d\t\or L\ox X\tt Jiterature of insanity. Gaxeite *'Dr H:i - create to the Innp 1 Mhicb hiti placed him ,, kip MS i alienists of Amefiva ; and wc prcdu t ivn this voloine the happy fortune of its prcdeoe^atmi — a raiiid jour- Ti '' - -' i-^;; editions. It was the policy of this magazine at the outset, and has been con- stantly a Jnered to since, to obtain the ablest statements from the most distinguished scientific men of a Ucounlries in their bearing upon the higher problems of investigation. - ^ ..*.., Mtmor), Disesiscrs c jf Mental Physiology .

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We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Because of tlie strangeness of much of tlie new obstetrical litera- ture, I have considered it desirable to make copious references to recent authorities. The frequency of the anomalies is partly attributable to the large proportion of premature labors, and • Thii Ticw was first aiivnnced by Fountftiti in the " Am. Sd/' It hiu linc K* been od Tocated by Dunc Aii, Juden, Friiii Vel, Spic^lherg, and others, Hiilkr ■ad Kobn, howevor, dispute ft, m justified neither bj tbeor)r nor bj observation. "This is a racy little bt»ol nf t^c r.i pood advice and importani r^ m a free and e^y style, wi tinued humor ant seasoned, and wh a pleasant pastim ^ non-professiona K"— C*'«(*j" j^ A Btit f"^ D, APPLETON &s CO: S MEDICAL WORKS. Being the First Part of a third edition, revised, enlarged, and in a great part rewritten, of " The Physiology and Pathology of the Mind." By Henry Maudsley, M. He suggests a system of remedial education and hygienic precautions, and he closes with a diatribe against popular fallacies." — Philadelphia Press. Oswald, author of the above book, may be somewhat sweeping in his statements and beliefs, but every writer who, like him, clamors for sim- plicity, naturalness, and frugality in diet, for fresh air and copious exercise, is a benefactor. Cloth, f4,sa This Tal liable wor V is a tn tisc on Diseases of the Boiiei,! ' Without stopping to consider the just- ness of the American idea of the ' practical,' we can unhesitatingly answer, * It is I * "— A'ifrto York Medi- cal Journal. The use of baryta-salts is also fully described, as well as the preparation of sugar from beet-roots. D,, Professor of Dermatology in Bellevue Hospital Medi- cal College ; Surgeon to the Chanty Hospital, Venereal Diseases, etc I vol., Svn, 672 pp. Many important branches of gemto^unmiy diseases, as the cutaneous m Aladtes of the pejiit and scrotum^ receive a thorough and cihaus Uve treatment that the profesdona) reader will survh for elsewhere In vain. That which was at first a dubious experiment has now become an assured and permanent suc- cess. CHAPTER XXXIL PLACENTA PREVIA.— ACCIDENTAL H^MORRBAQB.'^JNVSRSi OW^ THE UTERUS. It is said to be prm when it occupies that portion of the uterus which is subject to dist tion during labor, or, in other words, to the spherical surface of tb lower portion of the uterus. "The profession is to be oongratii Uted posseising so valuable an addilun lu ci^ litenf' t\ire, and the author to be unstintedly praised fur his successful issue to an arduous under' - *ctt bear^, in a word, every evidence of having been written leisurely and with care. , /'- ■««, ♦* To the surgeon ami general practitioner of medicine, as well as the • • ■- * found invaluable. We consider the work a real addition to medical lit- erature." — Cincinnati Medical youmal. It contains about all that is known of the ars (fhsfefrica. and translated into three -'ip^ America now has the credit nf pr.

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