General guide to dating older woman

01-Nov-2019 01:44

You should be able to go at it for at least 10-15 minutes consistently - without worrying about finishing too quickly the whole time.

Here are some tips to improve your stamina: If you follow all this guide, you’ll be able to have great sex with older women.

If you don’t know how to handle this part, then the sex will likely be sub par. You don’t need to go through the full gambit every time, but when you break out tools like these during foreplay, she’ll appreciate it and get very turned on. Work your way down each leg with your mouth, then slowly back up to her pussy.

And the foreplay can start before anyone takes their pants off. Once you play the music and light the incense and candles, you can tell her to lie down and then give her a sexual massage. When you finally start the cunnilingus, she’ll be moaning uncontrollably.

These are tips you can use with all kinds of women from long-time girlfriends to new friends you met on one of the quality hookup apps that actually work. Communication is key before, during, and after sex. For us guys, we can look at a girl and know within seconds if we want to have sex with her - and we can be ready for that sex right away.

This goes for women we meet on the top hookup apps out there worth trying or in a more traditional way around town.

But for women, that’s not enough - and this is especially the case for older women who’ve probably had some meaningless sex before (and now want something deeper).

She needs to feel passion, and for that, she needs an emotional connection from the minute that you start the conversation With this in mind, here’s how to communicate before, during, and after sex…

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So, you need to be open-minded, leave your ego at the door, and be willing to take and accept their advice.

That requires you to be confident in the bedroom and also extremely dominant.

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