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They are one of the few pair teams in history to successfully complete a quadruple twist lift in international competition. Arguably the most influential, celebrated, and highly decorated pair team in the history of the sport, many consider them to be the greatest pair team ever to take the ice.

On November 20, 1995, Sergei Grinkov collapsed on the ice and died at age 28 from a massive heart attack.

She is married to Ilia Kulik, a famous figure stater and has a second daughter Liza, also engaged in figure-skating.

The family currently reside in Newport Beach, California.

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She stopped competing in 2000, but continues to skate in professional skating tours, shows and competitions.

He also won the Russian national title but missed the 1998 European Championships as a result of back problems.

At the 1998 Olympics, Kulik placed first in both the short and long programs and won the Olympic title at the age of 20 years and 267 days, became one of the youngest male figure skating Olympic champions.

Russian girls are able to downcast eyes like delinquent children, it seems they are about to cry, their eyes barely restrain turquoise tears that came out of the permafrost, centuries of grief.

Many ordinary Russian traditions evoke surprise and incomprehension of foreigners. For example, a nice dress and high heels they consider appropriate attire for a simple stroll or even for ordinary trip to the store.

She started professional training at the age or 10.

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