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Just remember, many people are embracing non-traditional relationship dynamics.It’s perfectly possible for two independent people to make their own couple “rules.” When you love someone, you’re afraid that love won’t be .Just remember, you can’t progress in a relationship without that vulnerability and risk. You live life on your own terms, and you don’t like the idea of checking in with a partner every time you want to go on a solo hike or a trip with your friends.You worry that a relationship will strip you of your independence, so much so that you sometimes avoid dating.

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Everyone has a relationship deal breaker, after all, but knowing exactly what it is can be helpful for parsing how you really feel about a new fling.Trust your gut.) Because you’re drawn to mystery, it’s easy for you to mistake novelty for romantic love.Over time, you start to realize your pattern of chasing the next exciting adventure instead of a healthy partnership.And it’s A-okay for your timelines to be marginally different, so long as you ultimately end up in the same place.

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Give it some time before you cut out (or spark a premature DTR convo).

You’re practical, and you place career above all else.

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